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Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the methodology behind achieving maximum search engine rankings through organic, proven techniques using a combination of website programming, content marketing, link building, and sales techniques. By analyzing a site, an SEO strategy can be created to incorporate a number of different techniques to improve a site’s rankings within search engine searches, ultimately resulting in an increase in better, more qualified visitors to a site.

SEO is not an exact science. Competition changes every week and search engines modify their algorithms. That is why having a company monitor a site and its ranking continually will ensure that on-going optimization is achieved. We will make SEO recommendations and changes to optimize your website to target better the audiences that you are looking to target for your business and throughout your website. The list below contains the typical items that we will optimize for your on site SEO. However, since every website is 100% different there may be other items that are site-wide or on a per-page basis that we need to change as part of your SEO.

Geek Experts develops an SEO strategy for every client. Each strategy includes both website optimization (often called on-page optimization) and website marketing. Every individual strategy will be managed and reported in such a way as to provide a client with a broad assessment of how a site is fairing from a global perspective on the web.

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Keyword Research
Ad Text Optimization
Quality Score Improvements
Eliminate Wasted Spend
Landing Page Optimization
Conversion Tracking
Weekly Reporting
Pricing varies
Campaign Research
Website Optimization
Local Optimization
Social Outreach
Press Releases
Online PR
Organic SEO
Weekly Reporting
Social Media
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Social Network Setup
Branded Profile Design
Twitter Posts
Facebook Posts
Google+ Posts
Website Integration
Social Search Enhancements
Page Promotion
Monthly Reporting

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