Business Continuity

“Four-Nines” Network Reliability

Failover & Out-of-Band Management

Failover & Out-of-Band Management

Solution Benefits:

Enterprise-class reliability: The cost of T1 reliability is out of reach for many distributed businesses, but a small investment in failover solutions to augment DSL or Cable Internet to the level of T1 coverage is not.

Never say “no” to a sale: Protect your Point-of-Sale system by using WAN Diversity for maximum uptime and revenue for peak-selling seasons.

Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP): A layer 3 protocol that provides automatic default gateway selections on an IP network.

Out-of-Band Management: Management through either the console port or the cloud provides a value-added layer to any failover solution. A secondary path to devices at remote locations when the primary network goes down means minimized disruption and downtime.

Using traditional wired backup?
Cradlepoint provides wireless backup of wired Internet connections for small-medium businesses. In the event of an outage of the primary Internet landline (T1/fiber, DSL, or cable/Coax) at a site, Cradlepoint devices automatically switch to its wireless LTE broadband connection within 30 seconds. The point-of-sale (POS) systems connected to the Cradlepoint router continue to operate at broadband speeds without further interruption, ensuring continuous uptime for POS transactions.

Many small-medium businesses rely on Cradlepoint technology for both primary and secondary (failover) connections. The former application is used when the pre-existing connection is spotty or slow in bandwidth. I.e. a T1 or DSL connection. In a failover environment, if and when a hard-wired connection goes down the Cradlepoint router takes over in less than 30 seconds on 4G/LTE or 3G, depending on your area. LTE coverage is widely available in the US.

We stock routers that are approved for the major carriers, such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, T-Mobile, and International.

* Retail locations
* Branch offices, or small and medium-sized businesses

* Works with high-performance Business-Grade Modems
* Load balance multiple data modems or wired data services
* Compatible with Cisco, Juniper, and other industry-leading network hardware providers

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