Yes. Geek Experts carries commercial auto coverage, professional liability (more commonly known as errors and Omissions), or simply E&O insurance and general liability.

Yes. The card must match the name and billing address that is associated with your issuing bank or credit card provider.

In most cases, yes. We will evaluate your requirements and give you a written competitive quote as soon as possible. Contact a Geek Experts support specialist today to receive an estimate.

Yes. GeekExperts will match our competitors’ prices. In order to provide this service, we need the appropriate web address or company contact information to verify pricing. Each price match is handled on an individual basis.

Yes. We offer pickup and delivery in Easton and neighboring Counties. Please call to verify your location qualifies for pickup and delivery.

Yes. In fact, most service calls can be resolved on-site. In some but rare instances, we may need to take your system back to our offices to complete a repair. Our main office is located 20 miles south of Boston, MA.

Yes. We offer limited support for products that were purchased from other manufactures or businesses that were not previously sold by Geek Experts. However, warranties are not transferable.

Do you find yourself fidgeting while your processor, or one of your peripherals, goes on and on doing something?

Is your computer too underpowered to run the applications you want to run?
Is your computer running really s-l-o-w?
Is your hard drive too small to store all your “stuff”?
Do you want sound you don’t have?
Do you want something for your computer you don’t have?
Do you have incompatible software for Windows 10?

If you can answer “no” to any or ALL of the above questions then maybe you don’t need to Upgrade your computer.

Most repairs cost around $150.00 to $250.00 in labor plus the cost of the replacement part. This depends on the complexity of the issue. We have trained and certified technicians which will ensure your problem is resolved in a timely fashion, and done RIGHT, the FIRST time.

Monday thru Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
Saturday: 9AM-1PM
Sunday: Closed or BAO
After hours / Emergency: Available by request, call us: 617-544-7095

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All GeekExperts hardware installations and upgrades come with a 14 day limited hardware warranty. We are not responsible for any and all lost data or lost programs. Software and client data should be backed up regularly per the responsibility of the client. We offer cloud storage solutions for redundancy and off-site storage.

GeekExperts also offers a one-year limited extended warranty, or a two- year limited extended warranty at an additional cost. Certain exclusions apply. The limited warranty covering your system will be noted on your invoice, included in the documentation accompanying your system; or if it is lost or not received, our limited warranty policy can always be found here.

We offer all types of hardware upgrades from simple video card installations, memory upgrade, hard drive upgrade, WiFi upgrade to changing out the motherboard and CPU. 

Email us for pricing on the hardware you are looking for. Whether you have us install it, or yourself — we tend to find our prices are on average 10% cheaper than ‘big box-retailers’ and provide a personalized customer service experience.

Maintenance will speed up booting and loading times, increase the reliability of the computer, and protect it from harmful static build up that is caused by dust.

Contact us today. You'll be glad you did!