Voice Carrier Enterprise Grade Business Phone Service

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Cut Your Current Phone Bill in Half!

  • Flat Rate Monthly Pricing Per Line, Not Per Seat
  • Unlimited US Local and Long Distance Calling
  • Any System, Anywhere, Any Size Company
  • No Hidden Fees, Taxes, or Charges
  • No Long Term Contract

Send your calls through the Internet, not the Phone Company

Save up to 70% on your monthly phone bill

·         Unlimited long-distance minutes to both the US and Canada

·         Competitive international calling rates

·         Flat-rate/monthly all-inclusive pricing, not the “a la carte” pricing used by other phone service providers.

Keep your current phone number

·          Keep your existing numbers just by forwarding them to the Voice Carrier system, or choose one or more new phone numbers. We have local numbers available in all 50 US states, direct-dial 800 numbers, and “vanity” numbers available.

Never miss another call

·          Put your company directory on the system, and callers can find employee extensions and voicemail boxes directly

·         Use Voice Carrier’s automated answering system to route calls based on rules you provide. Is your office closed on Sunday, and after six during the rest of the week? Automatically send calls to voicemail, or to your home phone or cell phone.

·         Minimize customer wait times by sending incoming calls to the next available number. Does your business have four customer service representatives? Use Voice Carrier to ring all their phones simultaneously when a new call to that department comes in, or to ring them one at a time, in any order you specify.

·         Get incoming business calls forwarded to your home number or cellphone, to another VoIP phone, or to all three – you decide how many rings to try before forwarding to the next number, or have all the phones ring simultaneously.

·         You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to have a front desk that sounds like one. Send calls to your auto-attendant, complete with customized greetings for each voicemail box or department, and interactive menus to provide information, route calls, and take messages.

Stay on top of your caller information

·          Use Voice Carrier’s notification system to send you an email or instant message every time you get a voice or fax message, or send voice mail messages directly to your email

·          Keep track of employee phone calls using your system’s online call logs

·         Use your smartphone to access your Voice Carrier phone system’s online information and configuration when you’re away from your desk.

Get enhanced VoIP phones from Voice Carrier

·          To take advantage of all of Voice Carrier’s features, we recommend you upgrade to our non-proprietary non-PBX digital phones

·         You can also use analog telephone adapters (ATAs) to connect your existing analog phones

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